Overview of antique clock repair and restoration services available including some examples of past work with before/after comparisons. All work is done on location in the Bayswater workshop near Perth.


  • Cleaned.
  • Restored.
  • Bearing holes rebushed.
  • Pivots polished or replaced.
  • Mainsprings replaced.
  • Wheels cut.
  • Damaged components replaced or fabricated.
  • Oiled with specialty clock oils.
  • Adjusted for optimal time keeping.
  • Quartz movement replacement for higher value timepieces.

Prices generally scale up with the complexity of the movement; those with striking, Westminster chime or musical features will cost more to service and restore.


  • Supplied.
  • Restored.
  • Replaced.
  • Repainted.
This mantel clock had been severely damaged after being buried in the ground for some time.


  • Stripped.
  • Timber work restored.
  • Missing/damaged components replaced or fabricated.
  • French polished.
  • Convex glass fitted.
This cuckoo clock’s replacement wooden leaves had to be hand carved.


  • Cleaned.
  • Polished.
  • Lacquered.